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Our mission is to be a SaaS artificial intelligence factory, creating products that help companies in process certification.

IARIS is a spin-off that was born with academic and market expertise in the development of artificial intelligence products, with products specialized in the area of computer vision and deep learning.
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Intelligent Exam
EasyProctor is a complete e-proctoring (monitoring) solution that uses artificial intelligence to optimize security and enable the logistics of applying exams and tests at a distance (Distance Learning)
Intelligent Vehicle Audit
EasyInspection is a vehicle auditing solution that allows you to analyze a series of items and the state of conservation of a vehicle using artificial intelligence

Our Tech Stack

All our systems use communication through HTTPs APIs, which facilitates interoperability and guarantees the integration of our technologies in the shortest possible time.

We work with our own algorithms, created from research carried out by our engineers and in partnership with our academic groups.We also use frameworks that allow interoperability between our technologies and other systems.Our big challenge is to develop artificial intelligence that can be easily integrated with market tools.

Research & Development

IARIS products are based on academic research. Our engineers are developed through research and development projects. We have a partnership with UFPB (Brazil), the birthplace of great innovations and innovators.

We sponsor research project teams at the ARIA (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the UFPB), where large projects are created, developed and delivered to the market.

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